Why You Should Bet Before You Win

Why You Should Bet Before You Win

Have you seen the movie 21? It’s about the MIT students who decided to gamble for real money in the Las Vegas slot machine game and won. Rather than just sitting back and letting the house keep taking all of their money, the team risked their money and won large amounts of money. Why not get rich the easy way? That’s the plan behind every bet you make, isn’t it?

The bet you make is incredibly important. You need to bet things that have high odds of happening. If you bet a coin, it might land heads or tails, but it’s pretty much a 50-50 shot for the biggest payout. If you were to bet, say, 10-20 on the next flip of a coin, it would be a totally different scenario. What are the odds of the next coin coming up heads? It could be dozens to 1, completely opposite of what the coin showed last time! That’s why you need to bet things that have a really good probability of happening.

If you’re really sick and tired of losing, you need to find a horse betting system that is going to help you win. (And, if you have two or three really good bets, you might actually find a system that works.)

Before you put any money down, though, make sure you bet on something that is going to return a profit. If you have a high probability of winning, you might get a little lucky, but the important thing is that you win enough to make a profit.

Also, make sure that you are betting on something that you understand. Look at the last time you made a bet. Did you win your bet? If you did, make sure you bet on the same thing again the next time. ( proposal to buy a cat or dog?!) Don’t go off and do something else completely.

If you win, make sure you keep on betting the same thing again. ( proposal to buy a second house?!) If you lose, don’t try to win your money back. Play again. (Or, if you absolutely know you’re going to win this time, simply bet the money you’ve won to buy something you luxo, like a new outfit or a new car.)

Why does a system work? Because, fundamentally, people who are outcome oriented (People who chase Lotto, win at Powerball, etc.) don’t like to bet different money amounts on the same outcome. If they won their money back, they’d lose it back to the casino, and the cycle would repeat itself again. People who chase win lose, and people who are outcome oriented (People, who know winning when to chase a win and when not to) WIN, and they also tend to know when to quit and take a break.

So, back to your system. Why is it so successful? Because people who prefer immediate gratification like money and financial freedom and things that are exciting and new and free like Lotto, know that the likelihood of them winning is pretty low (in comparison to the lottery), and they also know that the likelihood of them losing is relatively high, too. They’re out for immediate gratification. So, they’re not worried about losing, and they’re not worried about winning, because they know that the odds are against them. But some people, who like things for free and instant satisfaction, like the thrill of winning and the excitement of making a win, like thesay number30 lottery, then spread a little wealth.

They play a free Pick 4 numberbook. They read the book. They bet their lucky numbers. Then they start all over again, this time with their own lucky numbers. The Say number30 lottery numbers change, once in a while, based on the advice they’ve gotten from the book. Some people keep playing Say number30 until they win, and that’s fine. As in, don’t expect to stay playing forever. It’s part of the fun. If you do win, however, reward yourself with a big jackpot. Pick 4 isn’t that difficult a game to learn how to win. You, like me, will need a system to win Pick 4. A lot of people like me also won some money playing the same numbers, but in the end, it wasn’t enough, because I overcook the numbers. I overcooked the numbers, and went over the top with numbers and had nothing in return.

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